Indian food Waterloo

A lot of you may have travelled across the globe and tried different delicious cuisines, however when it comes to spicy, mouthwatering food, there’s nothing quite like our Indian food.  At Spice Of India, we offer a range of aromatic curries, masala-packed naans, biryanis, parathas and much more. Our dishes are carefully cooked by chefs. All our dishes are cooked to perfection and are created to lure you into the spell spices. To book a table at our restaurant, please get in touch with our team now. We will delighted to serve you. We serve fantastic Indian food to customers across Waterloo.

Spicy mouthwatering Indian food

Prepare yourself to dive into a sea of flavoured, spice-packed and fragrant rich Indian food. From Paneer Makhni to Basmati saffron rice, all our dishes are carefully prepared by our experienced chef.  Our uses prepares all our dishes by using an exceptional mix of ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. All our ingredients are sourced locally from only reliable sellers. We handpick each ingredient and ensure that you are served nothing but the best.

Flavoursome, fragrant and rich Indian food in Waterloo

India is rich in cultural diversity and this reflects fantastically in its food. At Spice Of India, we serve an array of dishes from different parts of India. Each Indian state has its own unique flavours and ingredients. Whether you are looking for Vindaloo chicken, a Goat dish that is simmered in tangy curry sauce with rare spices and potato or chicken Jaipuri, a dish were chicken is cooked with green peppers, onion, fresh mushrooms and tomatoes, we are here for you. Our chef can stir up a dish that you will crave and remember for years to come. Speak to our team now to book a table.

Here are some of the dishes we offer:

  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Butter chicken
  • Kashmiri korma
  • Chicken keema
  • Channa masala
  • Paneer with vegetables
  • Onion bhajji and vegetable pakora

In addition to spicy curries and naans, we also serve a range of sweet treats and desserts. You can rely on us to offer rasmalai, jamoon and more.

Are you planning to take your special someone on a dinner? Or you wish to celebrate a birthday or anniversary by hosting a lovely lunch for your family? Our team has got you covered. We offer a range of delicious, fragrant Indian food in Waterloo. To book your table, please get in touch with us now.